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I want to trasform a bottle in a lamp. How do I make?

It’s easy. You have to buy the model of Stappa e illumina that works with your bottle and a lampshade .

Does Stappa e illumina work with all bottles?

Stappa e illumina Standard model is suitable for bottles having mouth diameter from 15 to 22mm, instead Big Size model from 15 to 30mm. If you have any doubt contact us on

Can I create a lamp with a spirit bottle?

Absolutely yes, the spirit bottles with screw cap work with Standard model but It’s better verify with measures.

Can I trasform a carboy in a lamp?

The carboys have the Demijohn model. There is the 55mm model or 75mm model. Usually the 10/15/20/25/34 litres carboys have the neck external diameter of 55mm instead the 54 litres carboys have the neck external diameter of 75mm. It’s always better verify with measures.

Which lamphades can I choose?

You can choose any lampshade with E27 connection.

Is it hard create a lamp with Stappa e illumina?

Absolutly no. You can create it in less than a minute.

Do I need any tools?

No tools needed

I have bought Stappa e illumina but doesn't enter in the bottle. How can I do?

Stappa e illumina has a rubber plug that has to works with all the bottles. But some bottles have different neck diameter so in someone will work better. If you have a bottle where the rubber plug it’s hard to insert, you will dirt the bottlemouth with oil or liquid soap. The rubber plug will work perfectly.

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