How create a perfect lamp with a bottle.

Do you fancy creating a perfect lamp with a bottle?

With this easy guide you are able to create in few second a lamp suitable with place and any occasion.

It's all a matter of choice. It's up to you chose the bottle and lampshade.

Remember, the proportion is the key.

Your lampshade has to be two-thirds about the bottle high.

If the bottle is too high the result will be too heavy. If the bottle is too low the effect will be unbalanced.

So if the lamp is on a shelf or at eye level, this feature is very important.

Whit this practice image find the perfect lampshade for your bottle will be very easy.


At the end it is taste matter.

But with Stappa e illumina to find the perfect choice it’s easy because you can change bottle and lampshade when you want.

The result will be always amazing!

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